These applications primarily Naturopathy based applications in different languages, which are your one stop solution to all of our usual health issues using the items found around you and in the nature.

The remedies suggested in these apps are herbal in nature and are based on the food materials we use in our day today life, which don’t have any side effects.

The apps also provide information on various diseases, their causes, general health care to prevent that disease and precautions to be taken for that disease.

The interface is very simple – you search the ailment or the symptom in the search window of the app, relevant ailments will be displayed. Then tap on the ailment or disease you are interested in. Then the app will display another window displaying the symptoms, precautions and associated remedies for that ailment or disease.

If you find a particular remedy quite effective and you are happy with it, you can give a thumbs up to it in the app. The number of likes will be displayed against that remedy, which will help other users as well.

Followings are the healthcare apps published by Braingen.

Little Cure (Android) – in English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian
Sahaja Upachara (Android) – in Odia (Oriya)