Braingen Apps – A Venture for Developing Apps in Indian Languages

Braingen Apps is specialized in developing Apps in Indian Languages. Every Indian likes to use apps in their native language. Braingen Apps caters to this need.

Performance and Quality are among the topmost priorities for Braingen Apps while developing apps apart from packing features into the apps.

At present Braingen Apps has published its calendar apps in 8 languages, notepad apps in 7 languages and other apps in 2 languages.

Calendars in Indian Languages

Braingen Apps has developed Hindu Calendar Apps in various Indian Languages, which show daily Panchanga, special times of the day, sunrise and sunset times, local festivals and special days based on local longitude and latitude.

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Notepad Apps in Indian Languages

To facilitate Indians to write in their native languages, Braingen Apps has developed Notepad Apps in different Indian Languages. These apps have features to write in Indian Languages, save as PDF of JPEG and Text files, share, insert images, change font size and color, change background color etc.

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Herbal Remedy Apps

Braingen Apps has also developed Apps providing remedies for common ailments based on the items easily available in your surroundings

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Braingen Apps has developed games primarily played in India.

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