Need For A Regional Calendar App

Do we need specific apps for Indian Regional Calendar ? Many may think, “Is it a big deal ? I need to know the Indian holidays. Why to know the details ?” But in India, we know that many start their day after seeing the daily Panchanga – Tithi, Rashi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana and even special times like Rahukala, Gulikakala, Abhijit Muhurta, Choghadiya etc. In fact festival days varies in different parts of India because the time of start and end of the festival may differ slightly because of longitude and latitude?

In fact the author faced problem in finding out a date specific festival of in another part of India where this specific festival is not celebrated. Such festivals were almost missed out by the author every year since the paper calendar of the other region was not available where the author was living. That situation gave rise to the requirement for such an app.

Effort made by Braingen Apps to bridge this gap – providing an app in native language of a region, which can provide details of the festivals specific to that region and also provide daily Panchanga and special times based on the local longitude and latitude.

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