The notepad apps helps the user to write in native Indian languages. Followings are the important features of these apps.

You can write, save, share and send native Indian language text.

It provides soft keyboard specific to the language supported by the app, including English alphabets and numbers.

You can select, copy, paste, delete specific text or all text.

You can apply different text properties such as text color, text size, bold, italic and text background colors to the selected text by clicking the buttons provided at the

You can send/share the content through available applications for sending/sharing such as SMS/MMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Whats App etc as text and image.

You can send/share the content in the form of a PDF file as well.

You can add a background image to the text, move and resize it using finger gestures.

Auto prediction feature is also provided. As you go on typing, the probable words will be suggested by the app through an window just above the keyboard.

Following Notepad Apps are published by Braingen Apps till now.

Odia (Oriya) Notepad (Android)
Devanagari Notepad (Android)
Bangla (Bengali) Notepad (Android)
Punjabi Notepad (Android)
Santali Notepad (Android)
Kannada Notepad (Android)
Gujarati Notepad (Android)